Hardship Fund

Toronto City Council – either with the consent of the majority or not – has somehow allowed the City’s hardship fund to expire – at a tax savings of a mere $900,000. ┬áIn todays Star an HIV sufferer who relies on the fund for his drugs is cited as being cut off from his $1,200 monthly support. A senior with Multiple Sclerosis who relies on the fund for $700 a month of essential drugs has also been cut off. Some Councillors claim that they did not cut off this fund, but their support for it was equivocal and only to the end of 2012 at best. In any case, the funding has been cut off.

Those who are religious will know that Jesus said that we will be judged by how we treat the least amongst us. Secular Humanists, such as me, will merely say that this is a disgraceful state of affairs. In either case our City Council should be ashamed.

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