Casino – Part II

It is very upsetting to hear comments from the “mushy middle” that they will vote against a casino if Toronto does not get a “premium” take and if that take is not $100mm or more per year. These Councillors were elected to do what is best for Toronto. They were not elected to sell out a section of our City – likely downtown or the CNE – for $100mm per year. First of all, $100 mm is chicken feed. Our Mayor “blew away” $60mm per year by arbitrarily cancelling the vehicle tax. We should not suffer any negative social impacts at all for a measly hundred million.

If a casino is a good thing for Toronto – in it’s own right – then our Councillors should vote for it – if that is their opinion. That is not my opinion. If a casino is a bad thing for Toronto, then our Councillors should vote against it no matter how much a Casino may pay us to sell our soul. If a Casino is a bad thing – which I believe – then no amount of money should be enough to harm or even destroy our Downtown or even one single neighbourhood. I expect the Mayor, his brother and his cabal to have one opinion, the left on Council to have another, but I expect the “Mushy Middle” to make their decision on moral grounds. Making the decision to “sell out” based on “how much” is lacking in moral backbone.

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