Every few months we receive further information about Fukushima – further admissions of disaster and mankind’s inability to cope.  Now, the admission is that leaking waste is at a concentration that could kill a human being within 4 hours.  This is not really unexpected, but incredible.

Nuclear waste takes up to 10,000 years to degrade to a harmless level.  If the Romans had a nuclear accident (assuming they had such technology) the disaster zone would be 20% of the way towards harmless.  Based on the state of the Coliseum, it is hard to believe that “nuclear containment” could have been successfully maintained from then to now, and of course for a further 8,000 years.

We are told that nuclear plants are “fail safe” and yet they keep failing.  We were told that the odds of a nuclear accident are one in ten thousand years.  Is it really 20,000 years since TMI and 10,000 years since Chernobyl.  Apparently not.

Even if there were no more accidents we have no idea how to get rid of the waste.  Currently there is a plan to bury it beside the Great Lakes (Lake Huron) which, if there was a miscalculation would poison the largest fresh water body in the world and leave millions without drinking water.

We do need to find alternatives to carbon producing fossil fuel.  Nuclear is not that answer.  We should never build another nuclear power plant in the world, and the existing ones should be decommissioned as soon as possible.  The existing waste is a real problem.  There is nowhere safe to put it.


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