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Anytime that Giorgio Mammoliti has a contribution, it is likely to be cringeworthy and unpleasant.  It is not a surprise that he has set a new low for respect of our City work force and for one individual in particular.  Our Mayor, The Buffoon, reacted in a very unMayorworthy way, which is of course also not a surprise,

According to the Union, as reported in The Star, the individual involved is most likely a minimum wage part time worker.  There are two issues at hand.  First, and most important, discipline of any employee, including City employees, is a private matter between the employer and the employee.  It is never acceptable to drag an employee through the media based on his/her performance at work.  Giorgio Mammoliti and the Mayor are both very wrong to do this.  The Mayor is even more wrong to vent his spite against the employee’s manager as well as the employee that might be – emphasise might be – at fault.

Second, the Mayor has used this incident as a bully pulpit to once again attack our City employees.  Amongst other things he has suggested that this is another reason he seeks to privatise “parks and rec”.  This is a part time employee of the City, whose rights have been violated as noted above.  He is not in any way representative of City workers as a whole or those in Parks and Recreation.  In fact, it has not been proved that this employee did anything wrong.  It may be that, as the union suggests, that the employee was on his break.  However, we do not know if this is true or if it  is an example of minor employee misconduct.  In any case, there is no relevance to the potential support for privatisation.

Privatisation is a neo-con love child.  The fact that it is often counter-productuive is not an issue.  Neo-cons never let the facts get in the way of their ideology.  To the extent that part time minimum wage employees are part of Parks and Recreation, there is no benefit at all to paying a third party to make a profit paying people that same minimum wage.  Parks and Recreation employees who earn a better (union) wage have a right to continue their tenure as loyal City employees.  Cruelly throwing them out of work and replacing them with “poverty wage” employees does not make our society a better place.  Once again, we are paying a third party to make a profit from City expenditures.  By definition, if the City is to “save” any money, the reduction in wages and benefits must be more than the profit made by the third Party.  You can be sure that the Third Party will not miss out on that profit.

Middle class City employees can afford to be productive members of our society – pay many taxes at all levels of government – and keep our economy humming.  Poverty wage outsourced employees do not make as many contributions, if at all, and the corporations that employ them tend to hoard their profits and pay dividends only to rich investors.  We also must remember that all human beings are worthy of being treated with dignity and respect.  It is easy to castigate “unions” but it is also easy to forget that unions are made up of the “membership”.  Those are honest hardworking individuals – real people – who have real families, dreams, dependants and lives.  It is wrong to throw them out of work based on the politics of resentment.

Girogio Mammoliti is wrong to have made this public shaming.  The Mayor is even more wrong to exploit it.

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