Mayor Ford and his Defenders

The current situation surrounding our Mayor is one where I will not make any comment.  What I do find offensive is the recurring theme from some of his defenders that the “Liberal Elites” have shown improper “glee” in reporting the developments.  It seems to me that there has always been a partisan divide where politics is reported.  It also seems to me that the unfairness more commonly belongs to the right who attacked Mayor Miller more-so than the left who have reported a lot of unusual activities.

I will concede that The Star was definitely offside with its report on the current Mayor’s dinner at KFC during his “Cut the Waist” challenge.  On the other hand  it is also true that the Mayor – perhaps unduly influenced by his nasty brother – chose to make the issue of weight loss a public issue.  However, on balance, The Star should not have reported that story.

Sue Ann Levy leads the charge in saying that never before has a Mayor been subject to such negative reporting.  Amongst the media reporting the Mayor’s excesses, I never see expressions such as “Socialist Silly Hall” or “His Blondness”.  These are expressions of derision that are designed to be just that.  They are not the reporting of facts – which no matter how embarrassing in the current context – are in fact, facts.  Sue Ann also railed at length about the increase in employment by the City under Mayor Miller, but never once explained that the new employees were actually popular police hires and TTC Operators who facilitated the Ridership Growth Strategy.  The impression that every manager at City Hall (or Socialist Silly Hall) had two or three secretaries was deliberately created and propogated.

It is obvious where my politics lie.  However, I throw out the challenge.  Show me where any reporting about the current issues is based on false facts or distortions.  I do not believe that there are any examples.  Vitriol without supporting arguments will be edited.




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