The Mayor’s Vile Accusations

The Mayor appeared with Conrad Black last night.  I did not watch that interview and am not really interested in the Mayor’s “explanations”.  However, the Mayor made a vile insinuation (which I saw in a clip) about Daniel Dale, a Star reporter who was visiting some parkland that the Mayor wanted to buy and which the City declined to sell.  The Mayor made completely unfounded aspersions on the character of that Star reporter – only for the possibility of political gain.  I can’t believe that a politician could sink as low as the Mayor has done.  His accusations are completely unfounded, vile, crass and hateful.  Previously I thought my differences with the Mayor were based on differing views about how the City should be run.  I now know that this man grasps political power, no matter what the cost.  He is vile, hateful and despicable.  No decent person should vote for his re-election, no matter what their ideology.

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