Tim Hudak

Tim Hudak is swimming against basic macro-economic principals.  When governments spend money, on civil servant salaries for example, it expands the economy.  Civil Servants spend their salaries in our economy to buy goods and services and thereby fund other purchases of goods and services and salaries.  The effect of a dollar spent on the civil service is multiplied many times as economic prosperity.

Cutting the civil service does not increase wealth It has a dramatic reducing effect and leads to a spiralling decline in economic success.  This is only based on the selfish belief that someone would benefit.  It doesn’t take into account that civil servants provide vital support to the populace or that his proposals are unfair, discriminatory and wrong.

There are no examples in Western Nations where austerity has resulted in prosperity.  More wealth for the top 1% – perhaps.   But prosperity for the Middle Class or Poor – never.


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